What are the most effective ways to achieve significant CO2 reductions in road transportation?

The inaugural FISITA World Automotive Summit was organised ahead of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 15) in Copenhagen. By assembling the key experts prior to the world event, FISITA contributed to the debate as a ‘pathfinder’, by helping to identify shared priorities and bring focus to the work being done.

Expert speakers included:-

Christoph Huss, FISITA President and Vice President for Development Abroad, Type Approval and Traffic Management BMW

Lee Schipper, Senior Research Engineer Precourt, Institute of Energy Efficiency Stanford University

Alan Lloyd, President, International Council on Clean Transportation


FISITA's first World Automotive Summit was an excellent event and an important initiative to bring the automotive and energy industries together to address the multiple challenges our industries are facing.”

Jack Jacometti
Vice President Future Fuels and CO₂

“A line-up of excellent speakers and the workshop discussion I attended was also very lively and insightful.”

Michele Pittini
UK Committee on Climate Change

“Well done for the first Summit.”

Dr. Andrew Brown Jr.
Executive Director & Chief Technologist

“Thank you very much for organizing such an interesting event. I enjoyed the atmosphere very much and the opportunity to meet senior staff from other companies.”

Dr.-Ing. Carles Grasas
Chief Executive Officer
Applus IDIADA Group