FISITA World Automotive Summit

Powering towards a green future

The FISITA World Automotive Summit is a unique, private gathering of industry and political leaders who meet once a year to work on an issue of vital importance to the place of the automobile in society.

Modern societies rely on personal mobility. However, it creates a substantial demand for
energy. International fuel economy regulations are likely to remain ambitious in the future.
Automakers already implement advanced technologies in their vehicles. The total cost
of vehicle ownership will inevitably increase, with consequences for the competitive
environment of the industry and affordability for the customer.

It is therefore vital to consider the various CO2 reducing strategies from a global
perspective.The 2014 FISITA World Automotive Summit will take a closer look at various aspects:

● the technology roadmap for cars using oil based fuels
● alternative fuels from biomass and synthetic fuels from hydrogen electricity, including fuel cell technology
● the reduction of vehicle miles travelled as well as
● the world energy demand and resource management

Inspiring presentations from inside and outside automotive will generate new ideas
for sustainable solutions.

Participation is limited to 100 guests and attendance is by invitation only.

In association with: VDI SIA